Magnetometer GSM High Resolution


Standard Survey Product            

Three Axis DC Magnetic field vector in the GSM science coordinate system (XYZ).   Full resolution.

Mag X, Mag Y, Mag Z

Units:  nT,  nT,  nT 

Cadence: 1 vector every 0.015625 seconds (64 samples per second)

File Description

File Name: rbsp-?_magnetometer_hires-gsm_emfisis-L2_<YYYYmmdd>_<version>.cdf


Epoch: TT2000 epoch, nanoseconds since 2000 of the record.

Mag:  3 elements of the mag vector (nT) in GSM coordinates (Mag X, Mag Y, Mag Z).  

Magnitude: Absolute magnitude of magnetic field (Square root of the sum of the squares), in nT.

delta:  Angle (degrees) of the vector off of the XY plane; in the fashion as Latitude

lambda: Angle (degrees) of the vector projected in the XY (0 is along the X axis) ; in the fashion as Longitude

range_flagSUPPORT DATA. Indicator of the active range the sensor; 0 - Range 0 (+/- 256 nT), 1 - Range 1 (+/- 4096 nT), 3 - Range 3 (+/- 65536 nT)

MET:  SUPPORT DATA. Mission Elapsed Time of the data.  

partition: SUPPORT DATA. Partition used for SPICE kernel.

calStateSUPPORT DATA. Calibrator signal active status, 0 - Calibration off, 1 - Calibration on. Data is not scientifically valid when the calibration is active.

magInvalidSUPPORT DATA. Indicator of invalid data.  0 - Valid data, 1 - Invalid data.  USE INVALID DATA WITH EXTREME CAUTION!

magFillSUPPORT DATA. Indicator of fill data.  0 - Valid data, 1 - Fill data used.  Data is occationaly filled where a data gap exists.  DO NOT USE FILL DATA FOR SCIENTIFIC PURPOSES!

coordinates: Vector location of the spacecraft in GSM coordinate system.