Data Products General File Description

EMFISIS Archives data utilizing CDF files.  All EMFISIS CDF files utilize cdfTT2000 epoch. Note that the prefix "rbsp" is still in use, as that was the original name of the mission.

All files use a standard format for the name:


<?>:  space craft, either “a” or “b”. 

<PRODUCT>: Denotes the data product. 

<##>: denotes the data product level.

            L1 – Level 1

           QuickLook – Quick Look data that will become L2 or L3 upon certification

            L2 – Level 2

            L3 – Level 3

            L4 – Level 4

<YYYYmmdd>: Denotes the date, where YYYY is the 4digit year, mm is the 2 digit month of the year and dd is the 2 digit day of the month.

<version>: The version number uses a variant of the industry standard version scheme for software of the form “vX.Y.Z

· X is the interface number. Increments in this number represent a significant change to the processing software or to the contents of the file have been made. These changes would require code changes to software readers and possible changes to processing algorithms. The user should consult the appropriate meta-data for or change logs.

· Y is the quality number. This number represents a change in the quality of the data in the file, such as change in calibration or increase in fidelity. Changes should not impact software, but may require consideration when processing data.

· Z is the bug fix/revision number. This number changes to indicate minor changes to the contents of the file due to reprocessing of missing data.



Quick Look Products

All quick look products will become Level 2 or Level 3 products following a vetting process.  These products are intended to get data out to the users as quickly as possible with the best calibrations to date, but the products may need revision.  Once the data is vetted, the quick look product will be removed.   Quick look is not intended for publication purposes, please use L2 or greater products.


Location on data server:  Flight/RBSP-X/Quick-Look/<YYYY>/<mm>/<dd>/..

Where X is the Spacecraft Identifier, <YYYY> is the 4 digit year, <mm> is the 2 digit month and <dd> is the 2 digit day.   

RBSP-A Quick-Look                 RBSP-B Quick-Look


Level 2 Products

Location on data server:  Flight/RBSP-X/L2/<YYYY>/<mm>/<dd>/..

Where X is the Spacecraft Identifier, <YYYY> is the 4 digit year, <mm> is the 2 digit month and <dd> is the 2 digit day.  

RBSP-A Level 2                  RBSP-B Level 2