General Data Products Level Descriptions


General hierarchy of the EMFISIS data products

L1 files

Not available for use without permission from the EMFISIS Team.

Basic raw data, uncalibrated.  

Data is placed in a CDF archetecture as raw values.  

UTC is calculated from the MET using the SPICE kernel.   

Quick-Look  files

To be used with caution and not for science purposes.

Quick look L2 and L3 products. 

Quick-Look data products will disappear once the vetted L2 or L3 product are available.

L2 files

Basic Calibrated data in scientific units.

Example:  Magnetometer in spacecraft science coordinates (UVW), HFR spectragrams in spacecraft science cooordinates,  WFR Spectral Matrix in spacecraft science coordinates

L3 files

Science data derived from multiple data sources.

Example: Magnetometer in geophysical coordinates. 

L4 file

Advanced data products

Example:  Wave normal products,  Plasma Density from Upper Hybrid.