HFR Spectra Burst L2 Product Description


Burst Product

Single Axis AC Electric Field Spectra (Selectable between the U, V and W Axis)

Units: V2/m2 /Hz

 82 logarithmically spaced frequency bins

 Frequency range: 10 kHz to 486.97kHz    (Band width:480 Hz to 23.231kHz)

 Cadence: 1 spectra every second (except when a suvery product is required)

NOTE: E-field booms completed deployment on October 25, 2012, data before this date should be used with caution.

File Description

File Name:   rbsp-<?>_HFR-spectra-burst_emfisis-L2_<YYYYmmdd>_<version>.cdf


Epoch: TT2000 epoch, nanoseconds since 2000.

HFR_frequencies: Center band frequency for each frequency bin.  Frequencies are logarithmically spaced.

HFR_Spectra:  HFR spectra data.

HFR_bins:  Number of bins in the original FFT spectra that are summed together on board to produce the current frequency bin.

HBGain:  Attenuator select indicator for U and V axis.  0 – Off, 1 – On.  

19 dB attenuator.  L2 and greater data has the appropriate gains folded into the data to provide correct science units

HBSelect: Axis channel indicator for the HFR.  0 – U axis, 1 – V axis, 2 – W axis.

SPTT:  Sun Pulse time tag.   Epoch of the last sun pulse. 

APID:   Data APID (used to trace data source)